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The blog tour has some rules (which I will break), but just so you know:
Link back to the post of the person who nominated you. (Totally breaking this… Walki means too much to me to only provide a lonely little link)
Write a little about and give the first sentence of the first three chapters of your current work-in-progress. (Yeah, breaking this one too.)
Nominate some other writers to do the same. (Only as long as I can brag about them while I’m at it.)

Special thanks to W. Freedreamer Tinkanesh for nominating me (



I met Walki in 2008, through mutual contacts in the Word Weavers Group, which lead to our interaction on MySpace. I was immediately charmed by this mysterious musician, writer and artist. After many philosophical conversations concerning my gender nonspecific lead in “I am Morte”, Walki took me behind London’s Indie music scene, down breathtaking graveyard paths, and though the life (and multiple alter egos) of an amazing human being. As the years passed, Walki has become not only a fan, but my friend, editor, teacher, comrade in literary arms, and most significantly a cherished member of my family-of-choice. A prolific and talented writer, you can find Walki’s work at:

Now on to my W.I.P, but which one? The dark fantasy series that plays with time, Ley lines, abnormal paranormals, heaven vs hell, quantum entanglement theories, and an amazing dog; or, the speculative science fiction series that spans centuries, following the path of an ancient intelligence, who can’t seem to decide if it wants to sit back and allow humanity  save or destroy itself, or help us along with the process? Toss of the coin shows tails… and the Science Fiction Thriller it is: Meet Overtaken.

(I am cheating a bit on the length of this section. Okay, well, more than a bit.)

Part One

The Age of Overlords

Choosing to Wait

We are watchers; sentinels for the massive body that circles the rising star. Heavy, she is swollen and bursting with life. Precious as she may be, she does not see herself as superior or inferior to any of those that she births and then sustains. Wrapped in gossamer shrouds of arrogance, humans believe that their world was created solely for their enjoyment.

They could not be more wrong. They crawl across her flesh, believing that they are different from the beasts, with the ability to control the world around them. They are not. They cannot.

Humans, creatures-of-imagination, singular in that ability, they choose to use their gift to create great acts of benevolence, as well as blind cruelty. One choice feeds the next, and soon they crave more. Over time, as we watched, they became warped by selfishness and greed, crowned themselves with the false belief that their status of dominance is an entitlement, a right. Supremacy is an illusion that deludes and poisons minds. A dark plague is spreading through Origin’s beasts of creativity. In acting out brutality to one another, toward what they believe is lesser than, they are severing their connection to her, and killing themselves in the process. 

We see time unfolding, measured by the choices that are made. The players have been chosen; the age of overlords will come to pass, marked by those who become the empty ones, the breathing carcasses of the takers.

Somewhere in Chapter One:

Lingering on a bough of the forest’s most ancient pine, he stretches and allows his claws to cut deep into the bark. It is a game he likes to play with his wooden counterpart: too old, two of the few left … too soon, will be two of the forgotten.

Resting for a moment longer, he lifts his muzzle to the breeze. The fragrances of sap coming from the pine’s fresh wounds is strongest, but there is something faint, and disturbing, coming from the East. Humans, and horses. The combination itself is not unusual, except for this particular group of humans’ smell of death, of emptiness. The leader, in particular, smells of the waters found in the bottom of poisoned caverns … metallic, and putrid. He knows this scent, without sight, Takers. He must return to Dorian, before it’s too late.

Somewhere further along in Chapter One:

In order to keep the watcher’s secret, Dorian sets himself up alone in a stable, so that Witness can be unleashed. When the first man comes in to investigate, Dorian allows him a glimpse as he runs across the rafters. As others join the first man in the enclosed environment, the men, five on foot and three mounted, close the stable doors with a morose laugh, believing that they have cornered defenseless innocents, ready for slaughter.

Ambient light turns dim, as the doors close, and Witness’s eyes adapt. Its pupils stretch to fill its eyes, turning the dark room into a slaughterhouse full of light. Striping down, it is able to make his skin blend with the environment. With its body covered in swirls of darkness, set against wooden textures, it proves that Guardian is not the only one with the ability to become invisible. Claws grow where fingernails should be, and down its chin spittle drips from where fierce fangs should not.

Closing its eyes, and smelling the air, Witness catches the scent of the horses’ fear; they know that the men have trapped them inside with a predator of unimaginable ability.

My Nominations

The nomination selection was rather tough… As I have met, and had the pleasure of working with, so many amazing authors over the years. However these three gentlemen, this lovely little band of literary survivors and thrivers, are all very near and dear to my heart.



Mr. JG Faherty is not only one of the most talented writers I know, he is a mentor, and devoted friend. Greg and I met, as us writerly types do, via networking in 2008… but a mutual respect for the other’s talent led to a friendship, and a social networking partnership that has help to spotlight a number of fantastic new writers over the years.

He is a multi-award-nominated author of dark fiction, science fiction, horror, and urban fantasy. Since 2010, he has had six novels, 8 novellas, and more than 50 short stories published. His young adult paranormal romance THE GHOSTS OF CORONADO BAY was a finalist for the coveted Bram Stoker Award® for YA Horror, and his supernatural thriller THE BURNING TIME was a finalist for the ITW Thriller Award. Both novels earned 5-Star awards.

As he has so much spare time, when not cleaning his awards or writing brilliant new books, he also owns, A Perfect Resume.Com. Where he specializes in: Executive Resumes, Information Technology & Telecom, Corporate Officers, Sales & Marketing, Education & Academic, Finance & Banking, LinkedIn Profiles, International Business,And everything else from Advertising to Zoo Keepers.

You can find him at:






Mr. Franz McLaren and I met by the same means that most people do these days, via Facebook, in 2010. However our love of Sci fi and fantasy, speculatively dark things, mutual adoration for the other’s wordy skill-set, and a wicked sense of humor created not only respect but a lasting very playful friendship.

To see a list of his work, please check out: And, here is a list of Franz’s most recent and most notable awards and recognition. Clicking on any of them will take you to the submission that won, or a link to the source that hosts the competitions.

You can find him at:








After reading my Short Story “I am Morte”, in 2009, and writing one the best reviews I’ve ever received, reviewer and writer extraordinaire, Peter Cimino reached out to me for advice and camaraderie in navigating the big bad literary world. Since then he and I built a business relationship and cherished friendship based out of mutual respect and admiration. Peter’s fierce drive and unique voice has made him one of the most accomplished writers a mentor could ever ask to work with. Thank you for the privilege of allowing me to teach you all that I know. Now, you’re teaching me.

A published author and writer since 2008, aside from his mafia crime fiction, Peter is also a published freelance writer, specializing in sports. He has been published several times on the web-magazine the Bleacher Report featuring stories on the New York Football Giants and the Professional Bowlers Association. Peter is also a book reviewer for the New York Journal of Books. He has published several reviews since December 2012. You can find all of his reviews on the NYJOB website. You can find his work at:

Awards & Accomplishments

Authorsdb “Top 100 Authors List” — November 2nd, 2013

You can find him:






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