February was Women in Horror Month – Yes! We do exist!

https://www.facebook.com/WomenInHorrorMonth/ To finish off the month- an interview from 2016 Please investigate futher … to find your next favorite author. Who am I? Who are we? I would need to take the shoes off of a classroom full of students, to count how many articles, lectures, and interviews I’ve given over the years. First, letContinue reading “February was Women in Horror Month – Yes! We do exist!”

Somewhere in Overtaken… come take a look

Lingering on a bough of the forest’s most ancient pine, he stretches and allows his claws to cut deep into the bark. It is a game he likes to play with his wooden counterpart: too old, two of the few left … too soon, will be two of the forgotten. Resting for a moment longer,Continue reading “Somewhere in Overtaken… come take a look”

The “Work in Progress” Book Blog Tour!

Introducing the speculative science fiction series that spans centuries, following the path of an ancient intelligence, who can’t seem to decide if it wants to sit back and allow humanity save or destroy itself, or help us along with the process? : Meet Overtaken.