New York State Task Force on Life and the Law

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37 Years of Fighting for Patient’s Rights

An iPub Forum, “Did You Know?” Series, Part One

by James Rudin

New York has a highly diverse population that speaks over 120 different languages, but it is precisely in the Empire State where enormous gains have been achieved on vital bioethical issues. That is because a unique and pioneering interreligious, interracial, the interethnic group has been able to address those questions without the rancor and bitterness associated with the controversial question of abortion.

I believe that group, the New York State Task Force on Life and the Law, offers a model for other states to follow as they tackle key bioethical questions.

In 1985, New York Governor Mario Cuomo appointed me one of the founding members of the Task Force on Life and the Law, a twenty-six-member panel that included Christian and Jewish clergy, physicians, nurses, lawyers, ethicists, social workers, and…

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