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By Kathleen Leaf

A Publisher’s Weekly article titled “Exploring the Innovative Community Libraries of Korea” was recently shared with me. The author, Professor R. David Lankes, recounts a recent trip to Korea, touring community libraries and speaking about the future of libraries. Below is the abstract of his presentation:

There is no future for libraries. There are, instead, as many futures as there are libraries. And that means we need to rethink everything from networks to certification to who we call librarians.

Lankes, R. David. “Future of Libraries.” National Library of Korea 77th Anniversary Conference. Seoul, Korea.

And, indeed, the article for PW outlining his experiences with different Korean libraries emphasizes rethinking what libraries are, what they do, and what resources they provide for their communities.

A vector illustration of a book inside a building.
Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

No two libraries are alike. They are wholly dependent on the communities –…

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