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By Ann Marie B. Bahr

An open box with a photo album inside.

As I left, boxes and boxes of new books were being unloaded in the restaurant’s entryway. It seemed an odd place to put books. Each was individually wrapped in cellophane and had hardcover binding. They looked expensive. Why drop them where they could easily be stolen?

“What are these?” I asked.

“A photographer took pictures of ordinary people during the pandemic,” someone answered. “He wanted to document what we were like at that time.”

“Pictures of local folks?”


I dove back inside and quickly cornered the restaurant owner. “How much for the books?” “Nothing,” he said. “They’re free—take one.” Amazed and curious, I did.

Back home, I unwrapped my mysterious treasure. It contained 266 pages of black and white photos. Most were taken where the subjects lived since that is where we were asked to stay during the pandemic. Many…

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